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Latex Balloons | Mylar Foil Balloons

Please take note that these are non-filled balloons. To be filled with HELIUM, each is RM5.00. More Mylar Foil Balloons available at our Online Party Cart!

Happy Anniversary Streamers 18"
Product No: MYL-ANN01

Barney & Friends 18"
Product No: MYL-BRN01

Happy Birthday Bratz Passion 4 Fashion 18"
Product No: MYL-BRZ01

Happy Birthday Disney Cars 18"
Product No: MYL-CAR01

Happy Birthday Confetti 18"
Product No: MYL-HBB03

Happy Birthday Prismatic 18"
Product No: MYL-HBB08

It's A Boy! 18"
Product No: MYL-IAB01

It's A Girl 18"
Product No: MYL-IAG01

Spongebob Squarepants Smiley 18"
Product No: MYL-SBS02

Elmo Smiley 18"
Product No: MYL-ELM02

Happy Birthday My Little Pony Haert Shape 18"
Product No: MYL-MLP03

Happy Birthday Superman 18"
Product No: MYL-SPM01

Crazy For You 18"
Product No: MYL-LOV01

Pooh Party 18"
Product No: MYL-POO02

Happy Birthday Streamers Party 18"
Product No: MYL-HBB09

Happy Birthday From All Of Us
Product No: MYL-HBS01

Happy Birthday Colourful Stars 18"
Product No: MYL-HBB01

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Sweet 18"
Product No: MYL-SSB01

Congratulations Party 18"
Product No: MYL-CGR03

Get Well Soon Smiles 18"
Product No: MYL-GWS03

Thomas The Train Super Shape 42"
Product No: MYL-TTE03

Barney The Dinosaur Super Shape 42"
Product No: MYL-BRN02

Disney Cars Lightning Mcqueen 30"
Product No: MYL-CAR02

Elmo Airwalker Super Shape 40"
Product No: MYL-ELM04

Monkey Super Shape 42"
Product No: MYL-MPB01

SpongeBob Squarepants Super Shape 42"
Product No: MYL-SBS01


Mylar Foil Balloons
Happy Birthday Streamers Party

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Confetti Cannon 60cm

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