1. How much notice do we have to give to book a party?
    At least one week depending on season.

  2. If we are not interested in the hassle-free package, would you still do the party for us?
    Yes, but the charges will be different than what is stated in the hassle free package.

  3. Can we replace any of the hassle-free package for another thing?
    Yes you may exchange/replace only one with something else but the total amount shall not be less than RM555.00.

  4. What is your minimum order for helium balloons?
    Our minimum order for balloons are 40 pieces. You may pick it up or we will send to you at a minimum charge.

  5. I am very busy, can you provide personalized service by phone?
    Just call us and we will handle everything from balloon, cake, gifts, and flower delivery. We are just a phone call away. Payment must be made in full before delivery.

  6. Will I get my deposit back if I cancel after I have made bookings and paid the down payment?
    You will be able to your deposit back if cancellation is made one week before the party.

  7. I want you to organize everything for my party including catering services, can you do that for us?
    Party Shop is a one stop center that handles everything from A-Z.

  8. Do you rent tables/chairs for children?
    Yes @ RM16.00 per set - consisting of a table and four chairs.

  9. Do you rent costumes for fancy dress parties?
    Yes, but currently we our costume rental services are upgrading and we do not rent out costumes until further notice.

  10. Can you give us some reference of satisfied customers?
    Please check our website at under "About US".

  11. How long does a normal party last?
    A normal party will last 2 hours.

  12. How early will your Party Organizer come to my party?
    They will be there one hour before your party to set up the place.

  13. How long will the 5 games take?
    It will take one hour to organize the games.

  14. What does the clown do and how long is his show?
    The clown will do some magic tricks and entertain the children for 45 minutes. He will give sculptured balloons at the end of the party.

  15. Do you need to view the venue before you start the party?
    It is not necessary for us to view the place for normal children's party.

  16. After paying the 50% deposit, when will we pay the balance of the payment to you?
    You can pay the balance at the end of the party by cash or cheque.

  17. I have never used a third party before. Can you recommend the best party ever for me?
    A great party would consist of good decoration, complete with a theme, excellent food and entertainment, and lastly not forgetting the party favours.

  18. Do you do personalized cards?
    Yes, we are able to create a personalized card and custom made any cards to suit your party theme.

  19. Can I rent costume from one branch and return it at another?
    Yes, that arrangement can be done with prior notice.

  20. Do you arrange for adult food?
    Please call at any of our offices and we can fax to you the adult menu and costing.

  21. Do you organize pool games?
    Yes we do.

  22. Can we just get you to handle decorations only?
    Yes you may.

  23. If we have our own balloons, can you inflate it for us?
    Yes, we can inflate your balloons with helium at RM2.70 for normal latex balloon, and RM8.00 for mylar 9" balloon. To inflate normal air, we charge you RM0.80 per balloon.

  24. How many Party Organizers will you sent to a party?
    We will send two party organizers for up to 30 kids.

  25. Do we need to provide music/radio for the games?
    We provide the music/radio for all our games.

  26. If I need to order a large quantity of party favours from you during year end, how much notice do I have to give you?
    Please give us at least 10 days notice.

  27. How many prizes do you provide for your games?
    We conduct five games and give prizes to the lst prize winner. Should you need additional prizes for the 2nd and 3rd winner, please let us know in advance.

  28. What flavours are your sponge cake, what designs do you have and how many kilos are they?
    We have strawberry, orange, vanilla, coffee, pandan and chocolate flavour and you can have any favourite design (cut into shape) at our minimum order of 2 kg.

  29. What are the decorations that are given in the Hassle Free Package?
    We give 20 plain air balloons and two banners on loan.

  30. Do you have pinata available at your shop?
    Yes, we do have pinata, however if you want a custom made pinata, please give us 30 days notice.

  31. What does the play ground set consists of?
    The playground set comes with two slides - small/large, and a playhouse from Little Tykes.

  32. What type of prizes do you give for the games?
    The prizes varies from books, stationery, games, toys etc.

  33. How many days are we allowed to rent a costume?
    We let our customers rent our costume for 3 days, but currently we are upgrading our costume rental service and we are not renting out any costumes until further notice.

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